healthlink-wordcloud-10-5-16On Tuesday, October 18th we will hold our first meeting of the Karmanos Cancer Institute’s Population Impact Workgroup.  This workgroup will include members of the Population Studies and Disparities Research Program at Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wayne State University as well as cancer researchers from other local universities. Members of this workgroup will be prepared and poised to partner with our CAC members on the research priorities the CAC identify through Detroit HealthLink’s Research Action Program. This meeting, which will include members of our Advisory & Oversight Committee (AOC) and Cancer Action Council (CAC) members, will provide an update on the progress of Detroit HealthLink and review the research needs that our CACs have identified to date.

For more information about the upcoming Population Impact Workgroup meeting, please contact Lezina Topciu ( or 313-576-8259) or Knoll Larkin ( or 313-576-9691


Date set for kickoff meeting of the Population Impact Workgroup and Research Action Program