Rhiannon ChesterRhiannon Chester, who is a member of our new LGBTQ Cancer Action Councils, was featured on the podcast Collections by Michelle Brown.  Check out her interview here!

Michelle Brown introduces Rhiannon: “Rhiannon Chester is a Detroit native. She is, in her own words, unapologetically black, unapologetically a lesbian, unapologetically a feminist and unapologetically the person who is concerned,” about her community.

She is passionate about connecting people to resources whether its funds, information or other people. Much of her background is in community organizing and outreach.

She earned her Masters in Social Justice in 2016 from Marygrove College. She actively combines her undergraduate degree in photography with her social justice passion to increase visibility of the often unheard.
Inspired by the will, spirit, and innovation of the residents of Detroit, she is committed to working with often marginalized communities towards sustainable change. She uses her passion for connecting people, community and resources.

Whether participating on a panel locally or nationally, leading workshops to bring people, and resources together, or capturing images of life, love and community through her photography, you can count on one thing – this new home owner will forever be unapologetically Rhiannon!”

LGBT Detroit Cancer Action Council member Rhiannon Chester featured on ‘Collections’ Podcast