OCHECE is leading or collaborating on several new projects. More information to come!

  • Best Practices to Engage Black Men in the Development of a Cancer Health Equity Research Agenda. Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Eugene Washington Engagement Award.  Project Lead:  Jinping Xu, MD.  Project Co-Lead:  Hayley Thompson, PhD.
  • NCI-Supported Community Outreach Capacity through Community Health Educators of the National Outreach Network. Administrative supplements to Cancer Center Support Grant/CCSG (P30). PI:  Gerold Bepler, MD.  Lead Investigator:  Hayley Thompson, PhD.
  • Building Rural Cancer Control Research Capacity.  National Cancer Institute (P30 CA022453-35S1 Administrative  Supplement). PI:  Gerold Bepler, MD.  Co-Lead Investigators:  Lauren Hamel, PhD and  Hayley Thompson, PhD.
  • Barriers, facilitators, and implementation strategies to promote uptake of the HPV vaccine in regions with low adolescent HPV vaccination rates. National Cancer Institute (P30 CA022453-35S1 Administrative  Supplement).  PI:  Gerold Bepler, MD.  Lead Investigator:  Hayley Thompson, PhD.
  • Building Capacity for PCOR to Reduce Early Childhood Obesity Inequities.  Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)Eugene Washington Engagement Award. Project Lead:  Elizabeth Towner, PhD.
New research and program awards