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What are Cancer Action Councils (CACs)?

Cancer Actions Councils (CACs) are groups made up of community members and representatives from community-based organizations who apply their knowledge about local cancer issues to improving the lives of cancer patients, survivors, and care givers in their communities. CAC members are actively engaged in their communities and are working to create healthier neighborhoods.  CAC members will be identified and recruited through June 2016. CAC meetings will begin in July 2016.

There are three Councils, facilitated by our HealthLink specialist at threes sites:

1) Voices of Detroit Initiative (VODI) Community Outreach Office (Conner Creek, Detroit)

2) Western Wayne Family Center (Inkster, MI)

3) Karmanos Cancer Institute (Midtown Detroit).

There is also a fourth CAC focusing on Cancer, Communities, and Technology and we received additional funding to expand and develop councils at ACCESS in Dearborn and LGBT Detroit.

What do CACs do?

  • Learn more about the ways in which cancer affects communities in Detroit and Wayne County.
  • Participate in conversations with cancer researchers about research that can benefit Detroit and Wayne County.
  • Gain skills in partnering with cancer researchers to develop and fund projects and programs.
  • Address cancer-related health needs in their communities.
  • Set priorities for future cancer care research and funding
  • Improve access to cancer care.

Who can become a CAC member?

There are two types of members

  1. Core members are expected to be fully involved in all meetings and activities over an 18-month period. This type of member is eligible for a partner stipend.
  2. Associate members are willing and interested in playing a role in setting cancer care and research priorities in their community but may not be able to attend all activities and meetings.

What are CAC members asked to do?

Core CAC members are asked to…

  • Attend approximately 20 meetings over an 18-month period.
  • Participate in a research skills training program.
  • Participate in conversations with cancer researchers.
  • Share your knowledge about cancer in your community.

Are CAC members paid?

Yes, all Core CAC members will receive a stipend. Associate members do not receive a stipend. Light meals will be served as part of most meetings and activities.