The “Partners for Better Health” Program is a PCORI-funded project to increase community engagement in advancing a prostate cancer screeening research agenda.  Detroit HealthLink is lending technical assistance to this program.


Prostate cancer (PC) is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men.  African Americans (AA) have the highest incidence and mortality of PC among all racial groups in US.  The prostate specific antigen (PSA) screening for early detection of PC is highly controversial because it may cause more harm than benefit.

As a result, most expert group’s recommend shared decision making (SDM).  Although primary care physicians (PCPs) feel that shared decision making is appropriate regarding PSA screening, there are numerous barriers for this conversation to occur during real world clinical practices.  Lack of time, difficulty eliciting patients’ values and preferences, and a perceived inability to adequately inform patients about complex decisions are some of the barriers to shared decision making from primary care physician perspective.  Numerous pervious decision aids for PSA screening for patients have been reviewed, but there are few studies that involved both clinician and patients in the shared decision making in PSA screening.  Thus, we propose to engage our patients, PCPs, and other stakeholders’ (e.g. family, community payers) in cultivation strong relationship among key stakeholders’ and researchers in other to identify research questions and goals they consider truly important.


The purpose of this collaborative working group PBPH is to engage our community to actively influence research ideas and priorities that matter most to them(

Stakeholder Membership Requirements/ Participation

Membership in our PBPH collaboration is voluntary.  The Partners For Better Prostate Health  collaborative meets on a monthly basis,  members must attend at least 2/3 meeting throughout the year to maintain their membership.


Jinping Xu, MD, MS – Project Lead

Voncile Brown-Miller- Project Coordinator/Program Specialist

Dwight Wilson- Prostate Cancer Survivor

Aarif Bashir- Prostate Cancer Survivor

Gene Odom- Prostate Cancer Survivor

Horace Miller -Community Advocate

Charles Green- Community Advocate

Mark Smith- Community Advocate

Joyce Driver- Community Advocate

Delores Walker- Community Advocate

Mark Smith-Community Advocate

Clare Carlisle-Community  Advocate

Lynette Smith- Community Advocate

Margaret Holmes-Rovner, MSU Researcher-  Consultant

Dr. James Blessman – Primary Care Physican

Dr. Joe Thomas- Physician

Dr. Lilia Peress- Physician

Dr. James Blessman- Consultant

Dr. Hayley Thompson – Consultant/ Detroit HealthLink

Dr. Nathan Johnson, Pastor Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

Alberta Miller- Nurse- Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church

William Luse- President 100 Black Men of Metro Detroit

Dana Brown- Molina Health Care

Michael Mellor- Molina Health Care